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For outstanding legal advice.
Pearson Attorneys is a practice, which has been offering legal solutions and advise to its clients for more than a decade.

Pearson Attorneys actively markets itself as a legal firm committed to service excellence at affordable rates. Our clients include a number of large listed companies, an array of SME’s and private individuals. We have also assisted international clients with legal matters in South Africa. Our clients have entrusted us with their legal matters over an extended period and we have enjoyed long term relationships with them.

South African Law


New Consumer Protection Act

Our Philosophy

Our focus is on offering outstanding legal service within acceptable time periods and at a reasonable fee. The overriding ethos of all at Pearson Attorneys is Collaboration, Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction. Our firm encourages independent thinking which has come to be expected from our clients. We are a motivated, resourceful, ethical and client focused group of individuals, who, through a collaborative culture, are able to pull together and draw on both knowledge and experience to take carefully calculated actions and to support our clients. We are confident that we are able to contribute our efficiency and professionalism to any organisation.


Our Undertaking

To ensure that a professional service is offered from start to finish;
To employ the best legal remedies possible so as to ensure success and efficiency in dealing with all matters;
To collect debts with the understanding that the client does not wish to "throw good money after bad"; To strive towards acceptable "turn around times" in all matters on which we are instructed;
To uphold the good name and reputation of the client;
To maintain the utmost level of confidentiality on matters handed to us;
To update the client regularly on their matters.
To offer outstanding legal service at all times

Services Offered

Sectional Title litigation and advice;
Debt collection (inclusive of any legal action to be instituted and executed);
Civil litigation;
Commercial litigation;
Labour matters;
Drafting of agreements and contracts;
Registration of Close Corporations;
Companies and Trusts;
Deceased estates;
Divorce and maintenance matters;
Wills and Trusts;
Liquidations & Sequestrations;
Criminal Law;
Deed searches, Company searches and ITC searches.
All done promptly and diligently, we pride ourselves on providing service at an affordable rate.

Contact Us

Physical address:
90 Gousblom Street

Postal address:
P.O Box 14968
Farrarmere, 1518
Docex 33

Telephone: 011 749 8800
Facsimile: 086 245 4969